About Us

BEATRICE WATSON, The Poetic Storyteller, through her L L C, corporation, JA-WA Production is a seasoned, Community Advocate, that utilizes her intuitive talent in creating original theatrical productions, inspirational poetry and short stories, which she feels she has been anointed to serve as her ministerial platform.

For close to three decades, Beatrice’s quest has been to bring together the youth and older adults in workshop settings to help them gain an appreciation for the arts and bridge the gap of communication and social differences, while attempting to ease community unrest and hostility through performing arts and creative writing.

She is now embarking on taking it a step further by expending her stories into the film industry, where she hopes to reach a larger and more diversified audience.

JA-WA Production was created in Chicago, Illinois, by Beatrice Watson in 1995, but recently formed as an L L C corporation, with her daughter Mia Miller, but retains the same goals and objectives. Ms. Watson’s formative years was in Detroit Michigan, during the Motown era, where she and her Nine Siblings managed on the earnings of their factory laborer father, Joe and nurturing of their mother, a dutiful homemaker, Azella, where the business name derived. Her theatrical training began in high school there and at a local summer stock, theater workshop, Concept East and continued on in Chicago, in her pursuit of higher education. She studied Sociology and Acting at Roosevelt University and Creative Writing and Television Radio Production at Columbia College. Second City, under Dell Close

“In my travels I have encountered amazing people, not to mention children. Their minds are so full of curiosity bursting with thirst for knowledge. This is the most important reason that I continue my quest to share what I have acquired in poetic storytelling and encourage others to do so in their own way.
Though this inspirational, Networking Movement does not have an alliance with any one political party, outside of each member’s personal preference, we do uphold the rights of women to be in control of any position they feel is just for them. We also stand up for the fair and equal rights for all people, regardless of race, ethnicity or gender identity.” Beatrice Watson