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Aging has been a discouraging subject for women. "After 50 years of age, the good news is that we can control more of our body changes than we think we can," Linda Malone, CSCS. All the taboos we have been led to believe, such as, if a woman is not married by the age of 30 she was labeled an Old Maid and after the "Big Five O" everything was now downhill

I surmise that the emphasis on the importance of our physical attributes have been drummed into us more than the acknowledgment of our talents and God given abilities that we possess, just like men. Because of that many of us have allowed age to be the deciding factor in determining our day to day activities and social involvement

That is such a waste, especially if they are still able to share those talents and abilities. It could bring them so much fulfillment and emotional pleasure as they journey toward their life's purpose..

Putting “OLD ON HOLD.” There is no stopping this vivacious entrepreneur, Author, Poet and Creative Writer, Beatrice Watson, who is rounding up a community of like minded Women Of Purpose, 50 years and up, that are Sisters, Daughters, Friends, Business Associates and others, joining together to promote this Global, Networking Movement, encouraging women to be fearless and courageous in living out their dreams, while defying society’s limitation of Age. She is asking “What in the Hell does Age have to do with it?” “No more than what we make it.” is her reply.

About Us

JA-WA Production was created in Chicago, Illinois, by Beatrice Watson in 1995, but recently formed as an L L C corporation, with her daughter Mia Miller, but retains the same goals and objectives. Ms. Watson’s formative years was in Detroit Michigan, during the Motown era, where she and her Nine Siblings managed on the earnings of their factory laborer father, Joe and nurturing of their mother, a dutiful homemaker, Azella, where the business name derived. Her theatrical training began in high school there and at a local summer stock, theater workshop, Concept East and continued on in Chicago, in her pursuit of higher education. She studied Sociology and Acting at Roosevelt University and Creative Writing and Television Radio Production at Columbia College. Second City, under Dell Close

“When the body gets tired and weary, with no longer a desire to be, they will lay us in the ground below. God will Bless our spirit and again on the road we will go, because we are Ageless Divas, read the history books and you will know.” From Book Fragments of Life

By Beatrice Watson

Women with good reason are defying society's fallacy

That life for those over Fifty, lack meaningful future prospects and dwindling hope for fulfilling, personal relationships. Remember, we are “Ageless Divas,” Driven by purpose, Inspired by faith, Victorious by nature, Accomplished by bond of Sisterhood.

Each stage of life has it’s place and purpose

Like a puzzle, each stage of life fit according to plan. Accepting and appreciating the unique qualities and purpose that each phase of life possess, is so vital, as we evolve from one season of our lives to another. “NO Better Time” than now, to stand up and follow the flow of the running brook, for like stagnant water, without the energy of movement, life cannot sustain itself. Our journey has taught us that we need not fear, for the only monster ahead is the one we have created in our mind. As we live our lives, we should be relishing in the fact that we are holding up a glass half full, rather than half empty.

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A GLOBAL ENRICHMENT, NETWORKING LEAGUE OF TALENTED, BOLD, INNOVATIVE WOMEN, AT THE CROSSROADS OF THE MOST EXCITING STAGE OF THEIR LIFE, FIFTY AND UP. Together we offer inspiration, motivation and encouragement. We have an obligation to teach and demonstrate to our daughters and their young, through our gained wisdom, the rewards of living a more enriched life.


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